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Treating anxiety in a natural way

// Anxiety is a reasonless and unjustified feeling of fear or narrowness. Sometimes, the feeling of fear may turn into a panic attack, followed by heavy breathing, tachycardia, sweating, hot and cold flashes… Anxiety related disorders usually appear in women, but also in the remaining population. The anxiety and panic

Honey and cinnamon: Health benefits

// Even when they are used separately they have healing powers, and when combined, they are an elixir of health and immortality. Since the past ages it has been a spiritual food to the saints and sages, bliss for the soul and heavenly gift. Some time ago, it was

Good health and the path toward it

// Contemporary medicine, after decades of research, found out that the cause of most of the contemporary diseases is precisely the food that one consumes or does not consume. Irregular nutrition, wrong choices and wrong combination of ingredients, causes processes in the organism which negatively affect the spiritual