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Yogurt diet

Yogurt diet is a very efficient way to lose weight, but it is pretty strict, so be cautious! In the last few years, we received a lot of information which claimed that milk products, especially whole milk, are unnecessary for our nutrition, even harmful due to lactose. However, people have been

Tuna diet: lose weight in 3 days with this diet

// Those who easily gain weight have problem losing kilograms. A lot of people decide to take on diets which exclude fat or even starve in order to lose weight, which is not a good method at all. You will only harm your organism and even get sick, since

Banana diet

// Created by the pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe and her husband Hitoshi Watanabe, the banana diet is one of the most popular quick diets in Japan. Mr. Watanabe lost around 15 kg thanks to this diet. The sale of bananas in Japan has drastically increased in a very short period,