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Why It’s Important To Urinate After S*x

If you want to take pleasure in a lovely intimate relationship with your partner, one thing you have to worry about is having an exceptional sexual health. And something as simple as peeing right after the end of the sexual act brings fantastic advantages for you and your body, helping to

8 Hard Facts About Erections That Every Guy Needs To Know

With expressions like ‘YOLO (You only live once)’ still in full course, it’s enticing to entertain yourself each chance you get. This can look like chugging down brew, chain smoking, or staying up throughout the night to gathering or amusement, regardless of the possibility that it consistently cuts into your

Ups…These 5 Exercises Can Cause the Big “O”

Most people enjoy spending time in the sheets with their significant other for a time to connect and feel close for a stronger relationship. Unfortunately, some people are much more likely to experience the big “o”, which can leave others to feel unsatisfied. To ensure that you increase your chances

These Foods Will Make Your ‘Tool’ Hard As A Rock!

Given that ancient times individuals are attempting to enhance libido and boost sexual satisfaction. Individuals in ancient Greece even invented a special name-- aphrodisiacs. They were encouraged that such products are foods and herbs which have the power to increase effectiveness. Probable each man as a minimum when in his existence

Magical Substance That Will Boost Your Love Life

The internet is filled with misunderstandings about silicone lubricants. The majority of people believe only water based lube is appropriate for usage with a male prophylactic, particularly a latex prophylactic. To clarify such common misunderstandings, listed below is a silicone lube advantages and disadvantage cheat-sheet and how this wonderful substance

6 Reasons To Have Sex Everyday


Sex is a great form of exercise as you burn 7500 calories if you have sex for 15 minutes thrice a week and it makes you look younger. During sex, the body produces endorphins which act as painkillers, it aids in prostate protection, helps prevent erectile dysfunction and is a