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Food List for Blood Type O

History of Type O Blood

As crude seeker accumulate pioneers, Type Os have hyper-receptive resistant reactions and are inclined to stomach related sensitivities. Sort Os additionally tend to store calories as fat and may experience difficulty with hunger control and keeping up a dynamic digestion.


Dr. Michael Lam proposes Type-O weight watchers fuse hamburger, sheep, vela and venison into their eating routine. Fish like cod, herring and mackerel are additionally suggested. Sort Os ought to maintain a strategic distance from bacon, ham, goose, pork, catfish and smoked salmon.


Sort Os react well to oils, as indicated by Dr. D’Adamo. The most valuable are olive and flaxseed oils, yet canola and sesame oil are permitted also. Corn, shelled nut and cottonseed oils ought to be kept away from.


Sort Os should restrain their utilization of dairy and eggs. Margarine, yogurt and lean cheeses are permitted, however ought to be expended just with some restraint. Dr. D’Adamo educates that Type Os with respect to African starting point ought to keep away from dairy and eggs by and large.


Beans, however high in fiber and protein, are not prescribed for Type Os. Dr. Lam expresses that these nourishments influence muscle to tissue less acidic and may even square the digestion of different supplements. In the event that beans are incorporated into the eating regimen, Type Os ought to pick pinto beans or dark looked at peas.


The most helpful vegetables for Type-O weight watchers incorporate artichoke, garlic, kale, leeks, onions, red peppers pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Eggplants and potatoes are not prescribed on the grounds that it is trusted that they add to joint pain. Corn isn’t suggested, as it antagonistically influences insulin control.

Organic products

Plums, prunes, figs and constrained measures of grapefruit are the main organic products compose Os ought to eat. Exceptionally acidic organic products like oranges and strawberries may bother the stomach lining. Melons and melons have a tendency to have high form checks, which may prompt hypersensitivity issues.


Sort Os should drink a lot of water, seltzer water, club pop and tea. Brew and wine are fine with some restraint. In any case, espresso, refined mixers and dark teas ought to be evaded.