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What Having a Male Orgasm Really Feels Like, According to 15 Men

The male orgasm is difficult to explain, partly because your brain isn’t even functioning normally when it comes time to come. And trying to describe it to women, who have drastically different sex organs, feels like trying to explain a brand new color to someone. Still, these 15 men attempted to put their orgasms into words.

1. “On a physical level, it feels like your whole groin area is tensing up. It’s like getting a cramp, but in a good way. Like, your dick is having a spasm, but it feels great. It’s really hard to explain.”  —Tom, 24

2. “Like peeing, on molly.”Greg, 23

3. “It’s exactly like your first sip of coffee in the morning, when, for a split second, the burden of knowing you’re going to die is gone.” —Jim, 30

4. “It’s like your penis takes over your brain for a few seconds. Like everything goes numb, except for this amazing sensation in your penis. You can’t focus or feel anything else. You might as well not even exist. You’re just this good feeling, and then it goes back to normal and you’re like, ‘dammit.'” —Shawn, 22

5. “Imagine a tube of toothpaste that’s almost empty and someone rolls it up and squeezes it as hard as they can and the toothpaste shoots out everywhere. Except the toothpaste is coming out of the most sensitive part of your body and it feels awesome.” —Ryan, 25

6. “Think back to the time when you had to pee really bad. Like, a road trip when you realized you had to go but had to wait an hour to get to the next rest stop. And you finally manage to find a bathroom. Remember that sense of relief. Now multiply that by 1,000.” —Brian, 27

7. “It’s like eating your favorite food, except you’re doing it with your penis.” —Eric, 22

8. “Like when it’s a really hot day and then you walk into a department store and the air conditioning hits you. It’s that very first split-second, but over several seconds.” —Chris, 29

9. “That feeling you get when you crack your knuckles, except all over your whole body.” —Alex, 25

10. “I don’t know. It sort of feels like when you get a cast off after having it on for a long time. Like, how right afterward, your arm feels really weird but really good? It’s that but, like, more intense. Like, it’s that feeling but it’s so good you can’t handle it.” —Zach, 25

11. “I don’t know. I don’t even know where to begin.” —Tyler, 23

12. “There’s this buildup right before, like getting to the top of a roller coaster. And then you sort of get that feeling like when you hit the drop after, but tingling. —Stan, 26

13. “It’s so hard to describe because your brain shuts off. It’s all physical pleasure and I don’t even think I have the awareness to describe it.” — Brendan, 28

14. “Like your wiener is made of cotton candy. I don’t know if that makes sense but it’s the first thing I thought of. I’m just going with my gut.” —Noah, 26

15. “It’s like when you go from the Jacuzzi to the freezing pool and then back to the Jacuzzi.” —Curt, 28