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You Should Not do That Before S*x – It Can Threaten Your Health!

This advice you have heard many times, but it’s probably not correct, and even can be harmful.


More women have heard that in order to reduce the risk of infections of the urinary tract, they should empty the bladder before s*xual relation.

But according to urologists this is actually the opposite of what we should do.


David Kaufman, an urologist, said that urinating before sex is one of the biggest mistake that has to be explained many women


    Urination before s*x is huge “NO”, but after sex is very important.


During s*x, the bacteria from the vagina may go to the urethra. Urinating may remove the bacteria out of the body, but if you do not need to go in the toilet right after sex, the bacteria may go to the bladder and to develop an infection.


How to prevent infection?


The use of the diaphragm as contraceptive can increase the risk of being infected, because it pushes the bladder and prevents its totality emptying. But if you use it, you may find some other method of contraception.


Some lubricants found in the condom, can lead to irritation, which can increase the risk of infections. If you think that this is your case, use condoms without lubricants.




  • Drink water to avoid dehydration and to help the body to eliminate bacteria through the urinary tract.
  • It is better to go to the toilette right after you feel you need to urinate, than to retain urine.
  • After urination, wipe from the front to the back.
  • Wash the genitals daily and keep good hygiene, as well as before and after s*x.
  • Urinate after s*x.