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Basic yoga poses

When you enter the place where you are supposed to exercise yoga, many questions are going around in your brain. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, everybody is feeling a bit confused in the beginning.
All those poses look complicated, the equipment that you wear is uncomfortable, everything is weird.

But, believe me, you will be relaxed and start to enjoy yoga very soon.

We are helping you to start with yoga practicing successfully, by presenting you the basic poses which are repeated almost every yoga lesson.

Mountain pose

yoga 1

Standing upright, with your feet hip-width apart, put your hands near the body, and palms facing outwards so you could take more energy or put his hands in prayer position and bring them closer to the heart. Closing your eyes, breathe deeply, and release all the tension and stress.

Face down pose

yoga 2

Transposing from mountain pose, put your hands on the floor, than slowly move them away from the feet, so in the end you get your hips raised and straight back.

Push up pose

yoga 3

From the previous pose slowly lower your hips down and move your feet back until you get to pushup pose. Stay here for a few seconds, breathe deeply, and make sure that your wrists stay aligned with your shoulders.

 Cobra pose

yoga 4

For ‘Cobra’ pose slowly lower your hips to the floor, lift your head and straighten you back. Your knees, chest and chin should be in line.

Child pose

yoga 5

Sit on your feet so that your thumbs are connected and knees spread. From this position lower down, slowly crawling on your hands until the upper body is fully relaxed. Your chin and forehead should be facing the floor. Relax.

Warrior pose

yoga 6

Step forward with your right foot, left foot should be stretched. Extend your arms to be in same level with the floor and your feet. The fingers on his right leg should be facing forward, while the fingers on his left foot facing on the side.

Triangle pose

yoga 7

Feet remain as in the previous pose, with the right leg rotated and not bent at the knee. Fully extend your arms as much as you can, then slowly bend to the right. The right hand should touch the right foot and the left arm should be pointing to the sky.

Seated forward bend

yoga 8

Sitting on a mat with your legs in front of you, raise your hands to the sky, and then bend at the hips forward. When you can not to stretch further, put down your hands and forehead, and your nose between your knees.

Bridge pose

yoga 9

Lie on your back, and then pull your feet towards the head until you lift your hips. Try to keep your feet at an angle of ninety degrees. Don’t disconnect your shoulders from the floor, but rely on them. Hands are stretched out to sides, palms facing the floor.


yoga 10

Lie on the floor, arms relaxed at sides and palms facing up. Close your eyes and release the tension. Focus on your breathing.