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Morning jogging

There is a popular saying “The morning shows how the day will be.” If you are a morning person and you like to do most of your activities and obligations as soon as possible, you probably work out in the morning to get extra enthusiasm and energy for the rest of the day. Running is one of the best aerobic exercises, or exercises that speed up your metabolism.

Benefits of the morning jog

Morning jogging has many benefits, because it is very effective for losing excess weight. Generally speaking, running any time of the day is good, but morning jogging is recommended for people with bigger excess weight, in order to start the metabolism in the morning to work on burning fat the whole day. For people who want to get rid of excess fat, jogging should be a daily ritual, even for 15 minutes.

Eating before running: yes or no?

The question which troubles practitioners most often is whether to eat before jogging or not. The food we eat is our main source of energy. During sleep, our body has burned energy from food from the previous day, so you need to “refill reserves” so that we can function properly. If you skip breakfast before running, even if it were a very light breakfast, it is possible to feel exhausted, unwilling and tired. For this reason an intake of light food is recommended, types of integral baked goods, yogurt, bananas, and carbohydrates which are the best source of energy. To avoid nausea and stomach pains, it is best to eat at least an hour before you begin running. Also, do not forget your sufficient fluid intake to avoid dehydration. During training, be sure to bring enough water, or in case you think your breakfast is not enough, an energy drink will provide the optimal amount of electrolyte.

Meal after running

Like your daily intake of food BEFORE your training, the choice of food AFTER the training is also important, to compensate for depleted energy. The most important thing is to first replenish fluids and electrolytes that you have lost through sweating. After the training, be sure to consume water right away, squeezed fruit juice, while avoiding sport drinks. As for the food, a stronger meal that contains protein is needed, and should be consumed within one hour after the workout. Recommended foods are: chocolate milk, eggs, vegetables combined with lean meat, peanut butter (although unusual for our region, it is an excellent source of protein), whole grain foods, etc. Shakes are a very good choice which you can make a combination of low-fat yogurt and fruits of choice.

Running duration

Depending on what shape are you in, you should define the duration of these activities yourself. If you are just starting, in the beginning it will be difficult for you, especially if you are not an early riser. Adjust the pace according to your stature and shape. For starters, 15 minutes is enough, every other morning. You can lengthen the route by 5 or 10 minutes every week, until it becomes a daily routine. Of course, do not force and strain yourselves, as it would make an opposite effect.