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Kickboxing for women

Originally, kick-boxing is a martial art from Thailand, and there are more techniques, some of which focus mainly on the fight, others to relax or cardio exercises, which is why this is an excellent training for weight loss.

Why are more and more women interested in kick-boxing?

Because of that, women have only recently begun to partake in kickboxing, because of the many advantages that it brings, such as increased strength and stamina, which gives an increase in confidence through learning self-defense and working with people. So, it helps toning the entire body, arms, legs and buttocks muscles, and helps in rapidly burning excess weight.

Kick-boxing is mainly focused on working with the feet, such as crouching, kicking, jumping and so on. This means that your legs are involved in all kinds of movements in this martial art, and that means developing the explosiveness and flexibility of the body.

Preparation and coaching

If you are beginner, try to master some basics. During training, work on improvement of your cardiovascular endurance, especially by changing the speed and intensity of your strikes. Start by doing warm-up exercises for the whole body.
For starters, jog, run, or use elliptical trainers, and then do the exercises such as skipping rope, squats and shots, and in between each exercise pause for 30 seconds each. The entire warm-up should be quick, but efficient.


Try out various movements and strokes. Keep your back straight and your shoulders down as you move the arms while hopping from foot to foot. Try to make these strikes come from the back and shoulders, which are stronger than the muscles of the upper arm, and in this way you will avoid injury and stretching. Maintain a defensive guard at all times, with your knees half-bent, but do not overdo it, especially if you are still not in a good shape. Keep your fists clenched and keep a shoulder height while striking. Do not bend the joints too much, let them be in a straight line with your hands. When punching, rotate with the hips and lower the knees.

As for the kicks, if you practice with an opponent, the kicks need to be up to the height of his/her head. Let every kick start from the hips. You can kick while moving sideways, which are specific for almost any martial art. There are front and rear kicks, as seen from what side are you kicking. Then, there are brief knee-kicks, with feet off the ground.

There are many variations and you have to adjust to your fitness and health, because some will not be able to perform all the hits because they may cause pain.