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Yogurt diet

Yogurt diet is a very efficient way to lose weight, but it is pretty strict, so be cautious!

In the last few years, we received a lot of information which claimed that milk products, especially whole milk, are unnecessary for our nutrition, even harmful due to lactose. However, people have been using milk for thousands of years and there is nothing dangerous or unhealthy in it even if you drink whole milk and consume milk products which are not from skimmed milk.

During the yogurt diet, you can replace the yogurt with sour cream. This diet is pretty strict and if you start to feel flatulent or you begin to feel other gastrointestinal symptoms, you need to stop the diet and return to your usual eating habits. The problem to endure this diet may be a sign for lactose intolerance.

Use only regular unsweetened yogurt, avoid salt and sugar as well as fruit yogurt. You can add fresh green vegetables and a little bit of honey to your daily meal.

This diet last for 7 days and you can lose up to 7 kilogram of fat!



5 baked potatoes and 6 cups of regular yogurt. This is your food for the entire day, eat 5 times and for lunch drink two cups of yogurt ( 2 dcl cup)


200 grams of cooked chicken and 6 cups of regular yogurt; eat the chicken for lunch


200 grams of beef and 6 cups of yogurt or sour cream; eat the meat for lunch


200 grams of fish with 6 cups of yogurt or 3 cups of sour cream


Unlimited fruits and vegetables (except banana or grapes) and 6 cups of yogurt. Avoid eating the fruits and vegetables in the same time.


1 liter of regular yogurt


1 liter of regular yogurt

During the 7 days you must not eat bread, pastry or any other ingredient that is not listed on the menu. You can change the schedule for meat, and you can also eat chicken instead of beef or fish. For the diet use only white chicken breast meat.

Yogurt diet encourages the consumption of more yogurt portions daily. The consumption of yogurt, as part of a lowered calories intake, offers a lot of benefits for the organism. Nutrition with high intake of calcium helps you lose weight and belly fat. Yogurt can be a part of a well balanced diet and it is a good source of protein, calcium, magnesium and useful bacteria-probiotics.

Yogurt and other milk products are the best source of calcium. Moreover, calcium is the most famous mineral for built and strengthening of the bones, teeth and muscles. Lack of calcium can affect bone density, lead to loss of bone fat and increases the risk from osteoporosis. Mineral also plays a big role in the proper nerve functioning. A study conducted by the University in Tennessee stated that people, who are following a diet with a higher intake of milk products rich in calcium, lose twice more weight daily than those who get lesser calcium and intake approximate number of calories.