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Treating anxiety in a natural way

Anxiety is a reasonless and unjustified feeling of fear or narrowness. Sometimes, the feeling of fear may turn into a panic attack, followed by heavy breathing, tachycardia, sweating, hot and cold flashes…

Anxiety related disorders usually appear in women, but also in the remaining population. The anxiety and panic attacks are not predictable, neither controlled by common sense, but a person can still know if his/her fears are related with certain situations (automobile driving, elevators..), persons ( doctors, professors…), etc.

Anxiety develops under complex circumstances such as: heavy emotional stress, constant tension, biochemical misbalance in the organism- especially hormonal disorder, negative environment…

Women are prone to fear due to bigger and more frequent hormone oscillations, so women need to check their hormone condition. Therefore, misbalance of amino and fatty acids can cause unjustified fears and panic attacks i.e. anxiety.

Anxiety can be treated in a natural way with the help of herbal medicines, yoga, meditation, and one so called psycho-trick.

Treating anxiety with herbal medicine

Lemon balm – Tea from lemon balm relieves many psychic disorders among which are fears. It has an anti -depressive effect, but it should be used regularly during a longer period of time. Of course, as with other teas with strong effect, it is necessary to make a pause from 2 weeks after 2 or 3 months.

Valerian – This herb is very useful in the fight against fears and besides calming the nervous system it relaxes the spasmed muscles in anxious people. A combination from valerian and hop is also recommended since their combination positively affects one’s mood.

St. John’s wort – A popular natural cure for depression but this herb relieves the feeling of anxiety and stabilizes sudden mood changes as well. Besides tea, you can use St. John’s wort oil, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which is usually from 20 to 30 drops, 2 to 3 times daily, before a meal.

Chamomile – The safest choice for treating anxiety in children. It removes tension, relaxes, calms the feeling of fear and narrowness, improves the sleep, etc.

Treating anxiety with yoga

Yoga and meditation are a great solution for treating anxiety. With the help of this method a lot of key processes in the organism are regulated, such as gland secretion, bloodstream, heart functioning. Yoga also has a positive influence on spiritual stability and relaxes the muscles which is crucial for a life without fear and lowers the chances for anxiety. With the help of yoga, self esteem is increased. The more certain the person is, the less prone to fear it becomes. Yoga deepens the natural ability for rational thinking with a sense of calmness and harmony with the environment.

Treating anxiety with a psychic trick

If nothing else helps, sometimes we can use a trick- according to a Russian psychologist. Human psyche is not always able to rationally and objectively see the world around. Sometimes, a little trigger is enough to distract us from proper thoughts or a little impulse to properly direct us. This trick is very efficient with physically labile people, who destroy their own mental balance, unaware of it.

In the moment when you feel fear, have a panic attack and other negative thoughts, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want from me?
  3. Who sent you?

If you were serious enough and armed with a strong desire to beat the fear, it will immediately disappear from your mind. In the same way you can successfully fight off different unpleasant thoughts and emotions.