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The benefits of hazelnut


Hazelnuts are small, but contain a lot of nutrients which are useful for your health. They contain a high level of fiber, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats and carbohydrates. There are different types of hazelnuts and they are usually used in bakery recipes, snacks and meals. Countries such as Italy, Greece, Turkey and Georgia are the biggest manufacturers of hazelnuts and hazelnuts are a great addition in our everyday nutrition.

Components and healthy benefits of hazelnut


These nuts contain a high level of vitamin B1, B2 and B12. In the proper amount, these vitamins help in maintaining a normal heart rhythm, proper nerve functioning and production of red blood cells. Vitamin B also enables an efficient metabolism, proteins, carbohydrates and fat. A handful of hazelnuts can provide the needed energy for the body, for the entire day.

Hazelnut is also rich in vitamin E. In fact, one small portion of hazelnuts daily, provides you with the 20 percent of recommended daily intake of vitamin E. It means that the body receives the needed amount of antioxidants which help in the removal of carcinogenic free radicals. The body does not produce vitamin E naturally. Therefore, hazelnut is a great source for it.

Furthermore, hazelnut is rich in vitamin K which helps in the regulation of blood clogs. It means that the hazelnuts are able to improve the ability of the body to stop the excessive bleeding when you are injured. Vitamin K also has a synergetic relation with other nutrients for healthy bones, and hazelnuts are great for healing osteoporosis.

Good fat

In every 30 grams of hazelnuts, there are around 13 mono unsaturated fats. This good fat lowers the cholesterol and as a result, the arteries are healthier and stronger, and this means that the heart is also healthy.


Around 30 grams of hazelnuts are enough to provide 5 grams of protein for the organism. They are a great secondary source of valuable macronutrients which help in muscle built. Proteins strengthen the body, and the hazelnuts are the tastiest source of proteins.

Low level of sodium and low cholesterol

Hazelnuts have a relatively low level of cholesterol and sodium which can be extremely dangerous if they are excessively consumed. Hazelnuts, as an alternative for snacks or other nuts, are the best way to avoid these harmful components. Besides, people need not to worry about pilling up of fat if they regularly consume hazelnuts. Therefore, hazelnuts are a great choice for those who want to continue eating without gaining weight.


Hazelnuts contain healthy amounts of calcium and magnesium which regulate the metabolism and maintain the health of the bones. Besides, they are rich in copper which protects the body from conditions such as arthritis. Copper also strengthens the immune system and protects the body from diseases. A handful of hazelnuts provides enough manganese for the entire day. This mineral is responsible for speeding up of the metabolism and for production of energy with regulation of bad cholesterol.

Weight loss

People who want to lose weight should try to eat a handful of hazelnuts instead of high caloric food. Hazelnuts give you satiety and they control your appetite.

Celiac disease

Patients with celiac disease can also benefit from hazelnuts mainly because they do not contain gluten. People with this condition are very sensitive to a lot of ingredients. Therefore, they can enjoy eating hazelnuts without any worries. They are a recommendable alternative for gluten.

How to eat hazelnuts?

They are usually consumed salted, baked or ground. Nowadays, there are a lot of products which contain hazelnut. It is because it is crispy, creamy and contains nutrients.

Hazelnut oil

Hazelnut is used for cooking and for therapeutic oils. It is good for cooking since it does not add more cholesterol to the meals. It is used for therapeutic oils due to their nuts-like aroma and astringent properties. Hazelnut oil is great for aromatherapy and massage since it is not very oily and it is easily absorbed in the skin. Besides, the cosmetic industry uses this oil for makeup and hydrant creams.

People can begin using hazelnuts in their nutrition in the form of cooking oil or baked hazelnuts. They can also be added to foods such as cookies or muffins.  Hazelnut flour becomes more and more popular as a replacement for regular flour.

Warnings/Unwanted effects

People who want to use hazelnuts in their nutrition or as a supplement must be certain that they do not have any allergies related with nuts. It is because allergic reactions to hazelnuts can be life threatening.