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How to become a magnet for men?

Women want to be like her, and men- with her. The woman with magnetic attraction is full with charm and a charisma which amazes the opposite gender. Surely you have often wondered how some women with average beauty are so irresistible that men cannot stop looking at them. These women own the X factor which all others long for.

Men are visual creatures. They choose their “prey” according to what they see, and afterwards begin familiarizing with the inner beauty. But, while some women focus only on improving their looks, the magnet woman knows that the magic of her irresistibility is a mixture from her looks and her inner beauty. In order to become a magnet for the opposite gender, firstly you need to remove all barriers which make you uncertain and unsatisfied with yourself, and which prevent you from having fun and enjoying who you are. This is how you can express your best version and become a magnet for the men:

  1. Behave like a lady

Men like women who behave like ladies. Learn to move elegantly, how to hide the moves that express your nervousness ( shaking your leg, touching your face, lip biting, playing with hair, etc) and have good manners. The magnet woman always expresses her femininity, since she knows that this makes men go crazy.

  1. Do not dress for women, but for men and yourself

Fashion combinations that follow the latest trends will maybe amaze your female friends, but men may not even notice them, and what’s more, they may have a negative effect. Women are prone to dress up in order to impress one another, not to impress men. Therefore if you want the looks of the stronger gender direct into you, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and pleasant in what you are wearing. You may be wearing an extravagant dress with hundreds of beads and shiny stones, but you may not receive not even one compliment or a look. Men love a simpler way of dressing. You may be irresistible in the simplest black dress or jeans and white t-shirt if you know how to wear them.

  1. Use positive, nonverbal language

Arrogant and cold women who act untouchable are least successful since they create a negativity which pushes off men. In order to be the opposite, you must show that you are open for communication. Intercept his look and maintain the eye contact for a few seconds, smile mildly and keep your head straight and have fun. Discover your own unique flirting style.  Men will not approach you if you act unavailable.

  1. Go out with the thought that you are in for fun, not to find a partner

A lot of single girls go out with the idea that they need to find a boyfriend and then they get disappointed in waiting for him. Engulfed with their mission, they miss out having fun and become stiffed, which is not attractive at all for the opposite gender. Therefore, when you go out, let your goal be to have fun and smile since this is the most powerful women’ ace. Moreover, this reflects a friendly and warm person, with who any man would like to be.

  1. “Color yourself” in red

The color of love has attracted men’s eye since forever. All research proved that women dressed in red are more attractive for men. Therefore, put on that red dress from your closet and you will not only become a magnet for men, but you will feel fatally attractive.


  1. Fall in love with your body

Charm and irresistibility have nothing in common with the body shape or kilograms. The magic of the attraction is in the self-confidence, in the way the woman enjoys in her own skin, and in her feminine posture. Men will not notice the two new kilograms which you analyze every day.

  1. Be active

Stiff position with a “dead” look, staring in your mobile phone and silence are not signals which send out a message that you are enjoying your night out. Show that you are a fun person and that around you something interesting happens all the time, to the ones who are watching you and want to enter your world. Dance, talk to people around you, laugh… In this way you will be happier, and you will intensify your attractiveness.

  1. Do not make fun of other women’s faults

Do not make fun of the physical look of other women or their fashion sense, especially when you are in the company of your potential partner. Negative comments for the too short skirt of the girl on the table next to you or the bad makeup of the girl who passed near you will not increase your popularity with men. What’s more, with this gossiping and making fun you show insecurity, and some may even think you are jealous. Restrain from giving such comments in order to avoid losing a part of your attractiveness.

  1. Learn the art of small talk filled with humor

After the brave suitor is near you, you need to express the attractiveness of your character. Of course, your first conversations will not be so deep, so your communication will be reduced to fun small talk. Therefore, do not underestimate small talk, since it can show your intelligence and sense of humor.

  1. And, most importantly, be confident that you posses magnetic attractiveness

You have probably noticed that in the days when you feel beautiful and attractive you receive more compliments and more people approach you. This is not a coincidence. When your eyes are filled with confidence and you feel as if the world is yours, others cannot ignore your presence and your irresistible magnetism.