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What to eat before and after running?

During running, your organism is exposed to additional effort. Every move you make while running, requires a certain amount of energy. Therefore, the meals that you eat before running, should be adjusted to your organism’s need for energy needed for running. The energy with which you will supply your body, needed for running, will also be the main factor to decide on how easily will the running be.

On the other hand, while running, your organism cannot stand possible excessive food intake. Also, overeating before running can lead to poorer results during running.  Also, what you eat after running is very important. Moreover, it will influence on how quickly you will be rested and on the time that your body will need to return to the balance which you had before you started to run.

What to eat before running?

Before running, it is for the best to eat ingredients which offer enough energy, feeling of satiety and ingredients which provide the organism with a normal sugar level. With these ingredients, the organism, alongside maximum effort to which it is exposed, will sense the least tiredness. With this, the results from the running will be most efficient.

Besides the ingredients, what also influences the running is the time when you consume the foods. One hour before running is the best time.

Best ingredients to eat before running:

Toasted whole wheat bread with cheese and tomato salad: a great source of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals needed for the organism during running. Also, each of these ingredients is easily digestible and offers a sense of satiety. Toasted whole wheat bread contains fibers and provides you with energy. Cheese offers proteins and minerals while the tomato is useful since it helps the body to sweat and release surplus liquids during running.

Whole wheat cereals with milk: They provide you with the feeling of satiety and are easily digestible and they are an ideal meal before running.

Banana, strawberries, tangerine, nuts or dried fruits: they contain fibers and are a great source of carbohydrates, needed as a source of energy during running. Also they contain a high amount of complex carbohydrates which gradually and slowly dissolve and enter the blood, offering movement to the body.

After you finish with the running, your organism must regain the balance with a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

What to eat after running?

It is for the best to consume diverse ingredients. It is for the best that they are natural, without fat and not excessively spiced. The best choices are these ingredients:

Tuna: rich in proteins and enables a great treatment to your muscles after running.

Chocolate milk: ideal mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. It positively affects the body after running, and the fact that it is in liquid form it enables the ingredients to quickly enter the bloodstream.

Fruit salad: several fruits combined are the best choice. For example, mix fruit rich in fiber with fruit rich in proteins and fruit rich in vitamins. Orange, banana and kiwi is a great mixture and also you can combine drupes with dried fruit and apples.

Do not forget to drink enough water, during and after running. It will provide the needed strength, slow the process of fatigue and prevent legs’ muscles cramps. It will enable a balanced work of the heart and you will achieve and maintain an equal rhythm during the run.