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7 best exercises for flat belly you probably don’t do.

Women are dreaming of flat belly, but the negative effect of inactive way of life, stress and unhealthy nutrition can be obstacle for the desired look. The flat belly is, for no doubt, exceptionally important part of attractive silhouette and it is quite reasonable that women are always in search for new exercises for tightening this part of the body.

Here are exercises for you to improve your fitness program.

The Bird Dog



While stretching, try your arm and leg to be almost parallel with the flor and to remain in the same height with the shoulders and hips.

10 repetitions with right, 10 repetitions with left leg.

Single Leg Bridge

Single-Leg-Hamstring-Bridge_Exercise (1)


Do 12 repetitions with one, than with the other leg.

Spiderman Plank


This plank is considered to be the one of the most effective exercises for strong core. With moving the leg, you engage a lot more side abdominal muscles. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds with one leg, then 30 seconds with other leg.

Leg Lifts


This exercise is huge physical challenge. Legs should remain straight.

10 repetitions.


Swiss Ball Roll-out

Ball roll out

Lean forward and roll ridged arms out over ball. Roll forward as far as possible.

10 repetitions.


Swiss ball roll-in


Extend your legs fully with shins on top of the ball. Keep the back completely straight. Then pull your knees in towards your chest. Roll the ball back to the starting position.

10 repetitions.


Caterpillar walk


It’s important to keep your legs straight while walking. Walk like this for 10-60 seconds, depending on your physical endurance.