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The Best Natural Sunbathing Oils With Protection Factor

A lot of cosmetic products for sunbathing are dangerous for our health due to the different toxic ingredients which they contain. Therefore, the better alternative is to use natural oils, which you can prepare on your own. These oils are especially recommendable for people that are prone to allergies and those who have sensitive skin and children as well.

These natural oils can be combined with natural minerals, such as extract agi, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Natural oils protect us from UV rays that cause burns, and the minerals filter the UV sunlight which speeds up skin aging. Thanks to the herbal substances and minerals, there is a natural filter that protects the skin from UV and UVB rays. In this way, there is no redness, and the skin darkness gradually and gains a beautiful bronze tan.

Besides having a protective factor, most of the herbal oils have some other benefits. These oils contain vitamin A, D, and E, as well as essential fatty acids so they protect the skin from drying, heal inflammations and regenerate the skin.

Natural oils with protective factor

Oil from Chilean hazelnut

This is regular ingredient in many cosmetic products. Natural factor of this oil is between 10 and 30. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays; it is quickly absorbed and prevents skin aging. Besides protecting the skin, hazelnut oil enables you to quickly tan.

Carrot seed oil

It has a natural SPF from 38 to even 40. This oil slows down aging, by preventing pores and age spots. Also, it heals different skin problems such as psoriasis, ulcers and eczema. This oil makes the skin soft and elastic.

Raspberry seed oil

It has a protective factor from 28 to 50 and owns very strong anti inflammation properties so it is very good for sensitive skin prone to eczema and rashes.

Wheat germ oil

It contains the biggest amounts of vitamin E, and its natural SPF is20. This is a good oil for healing irritated skin and skin regeneration. Also, it can prevent wrinkles and spots on the skin after sunbathing. You can combine it with other oils.

Soya bean oil

Rich in vitamin E and improves your tan. It has a protective factor 10. It is often used as a protection from mosquitoes.

Walnut oil

A rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and it has been used since forever in the nutrition, but in cosmetics as well. It is one of the best oils for sunbathing that will allow you to have the tan you have been dreaming of in no time, and it will protect you from the sun in the same time. Also, this oil is a powerful antioxidant and protects your skin from aging.

Coconut oil

If you skin darkness slowly, this is the right oil for you. It is rich in beta carotene and it is among the best sunbathing oils. It helps you to acquire bronze tan and it protects your skin in the same time. It has a protective factor 2-8. It is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin and during sunbathing, this oil forms a thin, protective layer which prevents the sun allergies or other skin problems.

If your skin darkness easily, you can use sesame oil whose protective factor is 4. Avocado oil can also be useful in protecting the skin from the harmful rays since it has a protective factor from 4 to 15.

There are several other oils which have protective factors and they are used for production of natural oils which protect the skin from the sun. Some of these oils are olive oil (2-8), castor oil (6), jojoba oil (4), macadam oil ( 6), almond oil (5), Shea butter (3-6), etc.

Important to know

We all know that olive oil is the most used oil for quick tanning. However, it does not have protective factor or it has a very low one (2), so you should never use it during sunbathing, especially if your skin is sensitive. It can be used for body care before going to the beach, but never as protective oil.

Also, St John’s wort has no protective factor and it is not recommended for protection from the sun. It can be useful only after sunbathing, since it prevents inflammation and it can be also used for kids and for grownups.

Therefore, if you want oil that will protect your skin from the harmful sunrays than you should choose some of the oils which already have a protective factor that we have mentioned.  Natural oils are the best choice, but you must respect several rules i.e. do not expose your skin in the most critical hours and regularly refresh and hydrate the skin. In order for these oils to have a maximum effect, the skin should be entirely clean before you apply the oil and sunbath around 10 to 15 minutes only, so that you can gradually darken.