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How to get rid of pimples

Pimples are persistent and unpleasant changes of the skin. They appear mostly on the skin, but also on other body areas such as the shoulder region or the back. These unpleasant changes can be caused by numerous factors and often followed by a sequence of unpleasant symptoms such as pain, sensitivity, redness, inflammation, etc.

What causes pimples?

From the factors due to which pimples appear, depends the way, but also the level of success as well as the longevity of their removal, so before you start with the process of their removal, it is for the best to know the reasons for pimples.

Oily skin

One of the most common factors is this type of skin, which can sometimes be present in certain life periods, such as adolescence and puberty, but it can be manifested as a permanent thing which defines the skin type, which in this case is the perfect surface for pimples. All of the piled up fat in the pores, causes the clogging and appearance of pimples.  So if your problem is oily skin, treat the pimples problem preventively, by preventing fat pilling up and leading proper and regular skin hygiene.

Hygiene and washing

Regularly wash your skin, and during the washing use warm water and soap with high level of glycerin or some other ingredients meant for care and treatment of oily skin. Warm water affects your face by opening the pores and enables that the glycerin soap or the other product, reaches even the smallest traces of fat and dirt in the pores and remove them.  After you rinse the skin, with warm water again, allow your skin to naturally dry and forget about a towel, since water which naturally dries onto your skin, increases the hydration which is crucial in the process of removal of pimples. Moreover, the treatment of the skin most be regular and avoid sleeping with makeup, especially foundation. Try to avoid contact with unclean surfaces and cloths. The dirt, with which your skin comes in contact during the day, may contain numerous harmful particles or even bacteria which cause pimples.  Therefore, avoid touching your face when it is not necessary, since the hands are the transmitters of the unwanted particles and bacteria.


If you struggle with inflammation and redness around the pimples, you can  do this: After you have rinsed your face, apply a previously cooled sage tea. This tea has a calming, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effect, so eventual presence of bacteria is fully eliminated.


If you want to get rid of pimples, you must avoid stress since this is one of the worst enemies of the balanced and beautiful tan.