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Honey and cinnamon: Health benefits

Even when they are used separately they have healing powers, and when combined, they are an elixir of health and immortality. Since the past ages it has been a spiritual food to the saints and sages, bliss for the soul and heavenly gift.

Some time ago, it was believed that the mixture of honey and cinnamon can regain sight to blind people or even relive dead people. This may not be possible, but this mixture surely keeps you healthy, rejuvenates you, helps with fertility problems, etc. The eastern population considers that this is the most beneficial gift from nature and they have been using this elixir to cure almost all diseases and physical conditions. It has a belief that a man who consumes honey several times per month, cannot get sick.

Researches conducted around the globe, i.e. in Japan, USA, Australia, show that when combined, honey and cinnamon have fantastic powers such as regeneration of the organism, improvement of the immunity, etc. Moreover, it has been proved that honey and cinnamon mixture, when used as a medicine, has a beneficial influence on the entire body by making it more vital and strong, and the newest statistics show confirm that it significantly prolongs life span.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of the tree Cinammomum zeylanicum, which grows in Asia, and it is mostly used as a spice. Chinese pharmacopeia cannot imagine functioning without this healing herb. The bark of cinnamon is used to treat colds, coughs, stomach cramps, digestion problems, psychic problems, and body tonization, whereas the essential oil made from the leaves of the tree is used to treat weak circulation and rheumatism, cellulite, stomach problems, infection, colitis, and prevents agglutination of the platelet.

Chinese legends say that cinnamon was used by Peng Zua, who was believed to have lived 888 years. Also, it was believed that a miraculous wine was made from cinnamon and with only one drop the body was colored in golden color and when mixed with a turtle’s brain it had a magical power, so the one who drank it could walk on water.

These are some of the best recipes for healing with the help of cinnamon and honey which were published by the famous Canadian scientific magazine Weekly World News.

Immunity boosting

Honey and cinnamon mixture strengthens the immunity and successfully protect the organism from bacteria and viruses.


The use of honey strengthens the white blood cells in the fight against every disease, and cinnamon combined with honey positively affects the digestion. It is needed to take two spoons from this mixture, before a meal in order the ease the digestion of hardly digestible foods!


Hunzi are a tribe which was familiar with the healing effects from honey and cinnamon. They enjoy tea from cinnamon and honey daily, have a long life span and they remain vital and this is the mixture, which according to scientists slows down the aging process, prolongs the life span and makes the skin fresher and gentler. You need to take one spoon of cinnamon and four spoons of honey and boil them in a glass of water. Divide it in four parts and drink it during the day (four times).

Bone and stomach cancer

Researches in Japan have proved that this mixture is successful in healing these two abovementioned type of cancers. You need to take a mixture from one big spoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon, three times every day for a month.


In the morning and at night take one cup of warm water in which you will mix one teaspoon of cinnamon and two spoons of honey. Longer period of therapy can lead to healing cancer and even chronic arthritis!


Add one spoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon in warm olive oil and massage this mixture on the hair roots and leave it for fifteen minutes. In several days the hair root will strengthen and hair will stop falling off.


At least three times per day apply from this mixture onto the painful tooth.

Cholesterol problems

Three teaspoons of cinnamon and two spoons of honey mixed with 4 dl of tea (the best choice is green tea) and drink from it three times per day. During the first drinking, in two hours the cholesterol in the blood will lower for 10 percent, and after a longer use, it is possible to be fully healed!


Regular use of this mixture lowers the possibilities for colds and bladder infections. Mix one big spoon of honey with one quarter of teaspoon of cinnamon. Take this three times per day during three days and the cold will disappear. In this way, the sinuses and chronic cough can be also resolved.

Bladder infection

Mix two big spoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey with 2dl of lukewarm water and drink it. This mixture will cleanse your bladder and destroy bacteria.

Heart, nervousness and stomach pain

Honey and cinnamon for breakfast and If you eat a slice of bread with equal spreading of honey and cinnamon on it, it will positively affect the nervous system and resolve stomach pain, stomach ulcer and gasses.


Mix one half of a spoon with honey and one quarter of a teaspoon with cinnamon and add it into 2 dl of water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and in the afternoon for seven days. The organism will regain its strength and vitality.

Pimples and skin infections

It has been proven that honey and cinnamon can prevent and stop eczema, pimples and similar skin infections if the face is regularly treated with this mixture. Against acne you need to mix three big spoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon. Apply it to the acne each night before you go to sleep.

Losing weight

It may sound a bit strange, but honey and cinnamon may serve as a means to lose weight. A mixture from the equal parts of honey and cinnamon boiled in one glass of water do not allow fat to pile up in the organism. You need to drink one glass two times per day, in the morning half an hour before a meal and in the night half an hour before you go to sleep.


Each morning, wash your throat with lukewarm water mixed with one spoon of cinnamon and one spoon of honey.

Hearing problems

To improve your hearing take a mixture from equal honey and cinnamon parts every morning and night.