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Healthy Teeth

When you think about healthy teeth, the first association is surely a beautiful and shiny smile which is impossible to have without healthy teeth.

However, besides influencing the beautiful and shiny smile, healthy teeth affect your breath’s freshness, but in the same time it influence the entire health.

A lot of diseases in the organism can be a consequence of bad teeth condition. When it comes to the seriousness and intensity of those diseases, they vary from headaches, to the most serious health issues such as heart arrhythmia and malfunction of vital organs.

What is the first thing that points out to problems with teeth?

The first thing with your teeth’ health, are not always manifested with pain, which usually comes with sick teeth. Also, visible teeth changes are not always the case, such as caries and some other changes. On the contrary, pain and visual changes may not appear up until the most developed phases of teeth decay. Before pain and visual changes, the thing which can point out that the health of the teeth is endangered is smelly breath, sensitive teeth, and blood in the saliva while you are brushing your teeth.

Smelly breath

Unpleasant odor in your mouth is a consequence of presence of bacteria inside the mouth. If the smelly breath is constantly present even after brushing your teeth, this is a sign that there is sick tooth, even when the problem is not visually seen. Teeth can start to decay from the inner side, and in the root part, which is impossible to see, up until the moment when the tooth decay is really developed.

Teeth sensitivity

It can appear in the form of sensitivity to temperature change, whether cold or hot beverages or cold or warm air. Also, teeth may be sensitive to certain ingredients and flavors, the commonest case being sensitivity to sweets. Sensitivity can be felt when there is a certain pressure applied to the sick teeth, which is often noticed during gum chewing.

Blood in the saliva

Blood in the saliva, after teeth brushing, may point out to sensitivity and damage of the gums, which can lead to problems with tooth roots, even falling off of the teeth if the sensitivity of the gum is developed to that extent that it has grown into paradontosis.

How to maintain teeth health?

This is possible if we lead regular and daily teeth hygiene, also regularly go to dentist checkups. Hygiene is not enough for the health balance of the teeth, since other factors have their influence, such as not enough intake of needed minerals and vitamins with nutrition, genetic predisposition and many other factors.

How to regain teeth health?

The only possible way is to leave everything to your dentist and before he/she starts with the process of fixing your teeth, you need to state the symptoms you have. The process of their healing depends on the symptoms. Regular dental treatment prevents further tooth decay, since the symptoms of tooth decay are often times transmitted to the neighboring teeth and in this way the disease spreads.