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12 things about depression that every one of us should know

Yes, it is as tough as we feel it is.

You feel so sad that you think that you cannot help yourself i.e. there is a possibility that you really cannot. If we knew that our constant crying mood- crying for no reason and constant sadness was not a result of our sensitive character, we would have dealt with this much easier. You have not chosen to feel in this way, neither do you behave in this way to attract someone’s attention, so you do not have to pretend that you are able to cope with such amounts of pain.

Your friends may use the same words despite not having the slightest clue about how it feels. How many times have you been in a situation in which your friend said: ”I got a C+, I am in a depression. I think that I am going to kill myself” and you wanted to say: “In depression? Really? If so, we could share our feelings and help each other.” The fact is that people, being often unaware of it, use different mental diseases to describe their bad and passing mood.

Mental health needs equal help as body health. You have joint ache and the first thing that someone advises you is to visit a doctor and that is what you are going to do. On the other hand, if you say to someone that you are depressive, their first advice will be to cheer up. It is the same as if they told you that your joint ache will simply go away. People do not take seriously their mental health, so they treat it in the same way, which does not necessarily mean that you are crazy for seeking help.

In your school there are at least few others with the same problem. According to research, even 11 percent of adolescents younger than 18 suffer from some type of depression. Is this percent big enough to know that in every moment we are being supported by the remaining part of the population? It is not. But it is enough to realize that there is always someone near you who will truly understand you.

Good nutrition cannot solve all problems, but it does no harm either. Irregular or unhealthy nutrition in young age may not directly affect your mental health, but it can lead to bigger problems, and we do not want that. Practicing good stuff in your life and including healthy foods in your body are from key importance.

Even if one thing improves your mood in the moment, it is not magical and cannot heal depression once and for all. People often begin practicing yoga or meditation in hope that this will pull them out from the dark places in which they are found, but often times they notice that the depression is still present. No matter if you are on medication or you are trying your best to be positive and always think positively, the fact is that you cannot fully get rid of depression or the chances for that will be very low. However, in war, even the smallest win is important.

You will think of things that have no relation to the truth. Depression comes with a voice that will constantly “whisper” things such as: “No one cares for me”, or “I am not worthy”. These thoughts are untrue and it is crucial that you know that. Even if one fellow colleague at school or one professor decided to cause you problems, it does not mean that their attitude would not immediately change if you confess how you truly feel.

Watch movies, TV, and listen to music as much as you want. Consumption of any type of media can be a real help. Each one of us has a way to deal with problems and it is important to accept this. On the other hand, media can be harmful, but they cannot kill you- unlike other things that people turn to when they are depressive.

Sometimes, it is good to remove something from your life. On a daily basis, each person deals with numerous things that are against his or her will. Bad mood can additionally worsen those things. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing as: “I cannot stand Ana! “. Therefore, avoid this person if it can do you some good.

Exercise is not a miraculous cure against depression, but it can sometimes help. Even if you decided to do 20 minutes of the weirdest dance in the history of dancing, you will feel as if all negative energy is being removed through your sweat. No, it will not solve all your problems, and you may feel tired and sad after the exercise, but we guarantee you that while you are exercising your mind will be too busy to deal with negative thoughts.

Distraction does not mean that you are lying yourselves. Often times, we try to keep ourselves busy so that we do not think about how we feel since we are certain that it will mean that we are lying ourselves that everything is ok, and that we are same as other people. This is far from the truth! Your brain needs a pause from all of the negative energy that eats you up from the inside every day. Just because you do not allow yourselves crying the entire day, it does not mean that you are not facing your problems. Relax.

The feeling may become very dark, but this is not the end. You may feel helpless and think that there is no way out or a way to feel better, but there is always a better feeling. It is hard to explain how or why, but there will always be good and bad moments. It is crucial to remain positive and not lose faith. All in all, even without depression, people never feel perfectly the entire time.