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Ideal Weight – Calorie Consumption

To maintain a good mood, activity, creativity and especially health, it is necessary to establish an ideal body.

Daily average food needs for moderately active persons expressed in calories are:


Years of age           Calories a day

11-14                        2.400

15-22                       2.100

23-50                       2.000

51 and more          1.800



Years of age           Calories a day

11-14                        2.800

15-22                       3.000

23-50                       2.700

51 and more           2.400


Optimal weight

  • Optimal weight is maintained, above all, with proper nutrition – with lower intake of calories and more nutrients;
  • Then, active physical training – sports and recreation: gym, fast walking, swimming, running, biking, hiking;
  • Conscious intake of food, at mealtimes, when the body is hungry (to eat slowly and chew each bite 30 times);
  • Taking moderate amounts of food, as much as your body needs;
  • Taking sufficient amounts of water, teas, natural juices, so that the body has the required amount of fluid in the cells all the time;
  • General positive attitude about yourself and the environment – think positively about yourself, look to the future with optimism, because we are the ones who create our life, our conscious choice, our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

It is recommended to lose the extra pounds gradually and to avoid the strict diet that has no lasting effect, which leads to immediate weight loss and starvation of the organism. By switching to the normal diet, the lost weight is made up very quickly, so-called yo-yo effect, which leads to stress and depression.

Diets that contain less than 800 calories a day can have a serious impact on health, hormonal disorders, infertility, hair loss, skin lesions, kidney stones and more. Also, the lack of food during the implementation of the diet affects the nervous system and brain cells, which can lead to serious psychological disorders, especially among younger generations.

It is considered that the steady weight loss of 0.7 kg per week is safe for the organism. If you spend 500 calories a day more than you ingested, you lose 0.45 kg per week, and for this you do not need a diet but a little more activity, sport, movement and controlled diet. Body fat is used as a source of energy only when the food that we eat provides fewer calories than the body needs. Changing the diet and switching to lower calorie foods (fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds) helps the body to release the extra weight without exhausting diet.