12 Ways To Use Flour That Don’t Involve Cooking

We all have a giant bag of flour in our cupboards. I actually have two, one is all-purpose flour and the other is cake and pastry flour. But you can only use so much flour at a time, obviously, and it seems like the bag is never going to disappear. But

12 Natural Ways To Effectively Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

Ah, the weather has finally warmed up, and you're getting ready to start spending your summer evenings in the backyard. But sadly, this also means that you'll be sharing the patio with mosquitoes, and then spending the rest of the night dealing with uncontrollable itching and swelling from getting bitten. Not only

15 Clever Ways To Use Food Scraps To Avoid Waste

The common reaction to food scraps or inedible parts of your food is to throw them straight into the garbage without thinking twice about how it could be repurposed.   To be fair, it's not easy to come up with ways to get creative with parts of your food that may go